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This English version of webpages contains only basic information about the Union of Czech Writers (UCW). Information about the membership, articles and UCW documents is available only in Czech. We are able to send to you detailed information when requested.


About the UCW
The Union of Czech Writers (UCW) is a national organization of professional writers of books, literary scientists, critics, reviewers, and publishers of fiction and poetry.
The UCW was found in 2000.
Articles of the UCW were approved by the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The goal of the UCW is to improve conditions of all writers; to unite writers, literary scientists, critics, translators, and publishers; and to promote writing in the Czech Republic.
The UCW intends to organize international conferences for writers, to establish information centre for both literary professionals and non-professionals, to publish the works of its members, to organize fellowships and seminars, to offer consultation and expertise, and to cooperate with foreign writers' organizations, particularly PEN clubs.
All qualified writers are eligible for UCW membership. No member will be barred or prejudiced within the UCW on account of age, disability, ideology, literary genre, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
You are eligible for UCW membership if you have submitted for publication, published, or translated a book, a play, an article, a poem, a short story or a newsletter. Similarly, you can become a UCW member if you have written a material pending publication and currently are actively writing and attempting to publish your work. For membership, recommendations of two UCW members are required. The UCW member is obliged to pay an annual membership fee.
UCW members have the right to vote and can be elected to all UCW positions. The congress of the UCW is summoned at least once in three years. The President, Vice-president, and the Presidium are elected representatives of the UCW. 


The UCW Board
Karel Sýs

Michal Černík

Věra Beranová
Michael Doubek
Vlastislav Hnízdo
Alexej Mikulášek
Jiří Piskáček
Jan Poláček
Michal Polický
Radovan Rybák
František Sarna
Jiří Stano
Stanislav Zeman

Contact Us
Karel Sýs
Politických vězňů 9
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

E-mail: karel.sys[a]futura.cz